ROGUE STATEThe Law Never Apologizes
CD jewel case
9 songs
September 2021
hardcore/doom/stoner from Italy

The Old Tower Burns + 5 Bonus tracks
CD jewel case
13 tracks
August 2021
punk/metal from Russia                     

Despising Age


Jewel Case CD
10 Songs
5 JUNE 2021
Helvetic Old School Death Metal

Cyclops Cataract

The Bestiary

Jewel Case CD
11 Tracks
5 JUNE 2021
  Death/Black metal from Scotland

AA​.​VV. - Italian Thrash Annihilation

Jewel Case CD
18 Tracks
MAY 2021
The Compilation contains 18 tracks of the most significant bands of the italian thrash metal/crossover scene.

Rift Giant

Jewel Case Cd
8 songs
MAY 2021
Stoner/Sludge Rock

Lord Drunkalot
Heads & Spirits

Jewel Case CD
6 songs
APRIL 2021
Sludge Doom Stoner Metal

Devastating Light

I have already failed you

Jewel Case CD
4 songs

If you're into Neurosis, Old Man Gloom, Amenra, Cult of Luna, Envy and Swans

Deep Space Mask
Songs From The Dark Light

Jewel Case Cd
8 Songs
January 2021
Stoner Metal for fans
of Trouble, Black Sabbath,


Cd Digipack
4 panels
9 Songs
December 2020
Dark Metal for fans of Moonspell, Tiamat,
My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost,

Metal Punx

Jewel case Cd
LMT 99 Copies
9 Songs
+ 5 Bonus tracks
November 2020
Metal Punk for fans of Venom, Discharge, Motorhead, Midnight


Digipack 4 panels
10 Songs
October 2020
Thrash, Technical Death, Math Metal and Hardcore-For fans of Meshuggah, Converge, Neurosis

Built For Speed

Digisleeve Cd EP
4 Songs
June 2020
Crossover Hc/Thrash for fans of Dri, The Exploited, Upset Noise, Slayer

The Italian Stallion

Jewel Case Cd
9 Songs
May 2020
Superrock, Action Rock for fans of Turbonegro, Kiss, Ramones, Cheap Trick

A New Scar
Zero Tecnica-Solo Impatto

Bonus Track Live @ Deposito Giordani
Jewel Case Cd
8 Songs + Live in Deposito Giordani
May 2020
Punk Haradcore for fans of Negazione, The Exploited, Dri

Damned Pilots
One More Mission

Jewel Case Cd
12 Songs