Horn Project  "illusions of maya"

ROGUE STATE  Mechanism Of Loneliness

Moratory - Wagner's Path (Official Lyric Video) 

Cyclops Cataract -The Unforgiven Dead - (Visualizer Video)

Cyclops Cataract - Devil of the Sea (Videoclip)

Despising Age - In agony' s clutches (Visualizer Video)

Despising Age- Deterioration (Lyric Video)

Methedrine - Matapuercos Feat.Fabione From Hobos

Lord Drunkalot - Witchfucker

Devastating Light - III (Lyric Video)

Deep Space Mask - Sabbath (visualizer)

Deep Space Mask  - Nosferatu

Hadal  - Red Again  (lyric video)

Overcharge "metal punx"

Cd Limited Edition - 99 Numbered Copies + 5 Bonus Tracks Trailer

Overcharge - Metal Punx Ltd CD Live Chat Release

LiveChat su Planet K Records with Lucio Drusian

LiveChat December Cd Release Party with Hadal